Day: March 17, 2017

Jose Cuervo’s New Campaign, Tomorrow Is Overrated

Jose Cuervo®­­, the world’s leading tequila brand, is launching a new advertising campaign intended to resurrect the spirit’s original intensity. While other tequila brands focus on refinement and conformity, Jose Cuervo is bringing back a historic disregard for anything but celebrating the moment. Starting today with an epic online video and national TV ad, Jose […]

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Grand Mayan Tequila Names M.S. Walker United States Importer

BOSTON, MA – M.S. Walker has today announced its appointment as the U.S. importer for Grand Mayan Tequila. Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Grand Mayan’s portfolio of very special, premium, 100% Blue Agave tequilas are meant to be enjoyed on any occasion that calls for a smooth crafted spirit or a refreshing cocktail. Grand Mayan’s portfolio […]

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