Casa Noble Crystal Tequila Review


Name: Casa Noble Crystal Tequila Review

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Nose: Salty, Agave, Honey, Citrus

Palate: Cooked Agave, Honey, Lemon, Bananas

Finish: Moderate, with black pepper and cooked agave upfront and nice burst of citrus flavor before the fade with little burn or bite

Overall: On the nose I was greeted with a salty aroma up front but then could detect the distinctive aroma of agave and citrus and a light honey aroma. At first sip I could taste the flavors of cooked agave with honey, citrus, mainly lemon, and bananas. The finish was moderate in length with a spicy black pepper flavor coming in first with some notes of cooked agave and a burst of citrus before fading out rather quickly. There was no real burn or bite with this tequila. Overall, I enjoyed this expression. It is straightforward and has a nice light flavor to it. I sipped this one neat and in a cocktail and I enjoyed it both ways. The cooked agave and banana flavors added a nice touch to a margarita on the rocks. Casa Noble Crystal is the unaged expression from Casa Noble and will run around $40 a bottle. Not bad in price for what you get in my opinion.

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