Milagro Reposado Tequila Review


Name: Milagro Reposado

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Nose: Salt, Herbs, Agave, Light Wood

Palate: Light wood, Fresh Herbs, Pepper, Vanilla

Finish: Moderate and smooth, with vanilla and oak being the prominent flavors and a touch of citrus.

Overall: On the nose I was greeted with aromas of salt and herbs upfront with notes of agave and light wood. At first sip I could taste the light wood up front which wasn’t overpowering but was the prominent flavor. Flavors of fresh herbs, mainly basil, and pepper provided a unique flavor and created a nice opening for the vanilla flavor to come in. This tequila tasted young, which it is, but you could tell it had spent some time in the barrel and picked up some of the light wood and vanilla flavors. The finish is moderate and smooth, vanilla is the prominent flavor in the finish but oak isn’t far behind. There is a touch of citrus on the backend but barely noticeable. Overall, this is a nice sipping tequila for entry level drinkers and connoisseurs. It’s priced right for what you get and at around $35 a bottle, definitely won’t break the bank. I enjoyed this tequila neat and in a cocktail but enjoyed it best neat.

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