El Mayor Blanco Review

Name: El Mayor Blanco

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Nose: White Pepper, Agave

Palate: Light Vanilla, Pepper, Agave

Finish: Short and light with a straight forward agave flavor.

Overall: This is a straight forward unaged tequila perfect for sipping or cocktails. On the nose there is a white pepper and agave aroma that smells pure and authentic. At first sip there was a light vanilla flavor with white pepper and agave. The finish was short and light with a straight forward agave flavor. When I first opened the bottle of this tequila the aroma made me think it was going to be another standard blanco tequila but once I poured a glass and tasted it I could tell is was different. The flavor is so simple and light it truly is refreshing. It’s definitely not a complex tequila and in this case that is a good quality. I tried El Mayor neat and in a cocktail and although I prefer it neat, it did well in a cocktail. It has such a light flavor profile that it allows you to really taste the other flavors in the cocktail. I thoroughly enjoyed this tequila and the crisp, light flavor profile. I previously tried El Mayor Reposado earlier in the year at a bourbon tasting and I know that the time spent in the barrel gives this tequila a slightly more complex flavor profile with more fruits. Stay tuned to our site next week when we review the Reposado. Overall, I would recommend this to those who enjoy a light, easy sipping tequila as this one deserves a spot on the shelf. If you have given this one a try, let us know what you think.

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